Yann Terrer
Yann Terrer
Hotel D Geneva

Hotel D


A jewel hotel

Geneva and its lake enjoy a privileged situation and status: city of water, trading, finance, tourism, watchmaking and jewellery. Sophisticated world, like the famous Swiss paper-cutting art.

Attention to detail and drawings accuracy, elaborate combination of noble materials, marble, bronze, smoked glass, soft and comfortable but also graphic and contrasting fabrics. Geometric rigour, a meticulous work as goldsmiths do.

Echoing the omnipresent mountains, shades of green and yellow, sensations of freshness and softness, rest and fulfillment, organic, enveloping and poetic shapes, and natural materials. Association of the Swiss flag ‘s bright red and the blue shades of Lake Geneva, enhanced with light and dark gray for an invigorating and contemporary harmony.

Opening March 2019

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